(Peer-Reviewed) Analysis of the wave functions for accelerating Kerr-Newman metric
Yi-Gu Chen, Hai-Bo Wei, Hui Zheng, Zai-Dong Wang, Zhong-Heng Li 黎忠恒
College of Science, Zhejiang University of Technology, Hangzhou 310023, China
中国 杭州 浙江工业大学理学院
Communications in Theoretical Physics, 2021-08-19

As is well-known, it is very difficult to solve wave equations in curved space-time. In this paper, we find that wave equations describing massless fields of the spins s ≤ 2 in accelerating Kerr-Newman black holes can be written as a compact master equation. The master equation can be separated to radial and angular equations, and both can be transformed to Heun's equation, which shows that there are analytic solutions for all the wave equations of massless spin fields.

The results not only demonstrate that it is possible to study the similarity between waves of gravitational and other massless spin fields, but also it can deal with other astrophysical applications, such as quasinormal modes, scattering, stability, etc. In addition, we also derive approximate solutions of the radial equation.
Analysis of the wave functions for accelerating Kerr-Newman metric_1
Analysis of the wave functions for accelerating Kerr-Newman metric_2
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