(Peer-Reviewed) Strange quark star and the parameter space of the quasi-particle model
Wen-Hua Cai 蔡文华, Qing-Wu Wang 王庆武
College of Physics, Sichuan University, Chengdu 610064, China
中国 成都 四川大学物理学院
Communications in Theoretical Physics, 2021-08-16

The properties of strange quark stars are studied within the quasi-particle model. Taking into account chemical equilibrium and charge neutrality, the equation of state (EOS) of (2+1)-flavor quark matter is obtained.

We illustrate the parameter spaces with constraints from two aspects: one is based on the astronomical results of PSR J0740 + 6620 and GW 170 817, and the other is based on the constraints proposed from the theoretical study of a compact star that the EOS must ensure the tidal deformability A₁.₄ = 190⁺³⁹⁰₋₁₂₀ and support a maximum mass above 1.97 M. It is found that neither type of constraints can restrict the parameter space of the quasi-particle model in a reliable region and thus we conclude that the low mass compact star cannot be a strange quark star.
Strange quark star and the parameter space of the quasi-particle model_1
Strange quark star and the parameter space of the quasi-particle model_2
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