(Peer-Reviewed) Effect of pairing correlation on low-lying quadrupole states in Sn isotopes
Shuai Sun 孙帅 ¹, Shi-Sheng Zhang 张时声 ², Zhen-Hua Zhang 张振华 ¹, Li-Gang Cao 曹李刚 ³ ⁴
¹ School of Mathematics and Physics, North China Electric Power University, Beijing 102206, China
中国 北京 华北电力大学数理学院
² School of Physics, Beihang University, Beijing 100191, China
中国 北京 北京航空航天大学物理学院
³ Key Laboratory of Beam Technology of Ministry of Education, College of Nuclear Science and Technology, Beijing Normal University, Beijing 100875, China
中国 北京 北京师范大学核科学与技术学院 射线束技术与材料改性教育部重点实验室
⁴ Beijing Radiation Center, Beijing 100875, China
Chinese Physics C, 2021-07-05

We examined the low-lying quadrupole states in Sn isotopes in the framework of fully self-consistent Hartree-Fock+BCS plus QRPA. We focus on the effect of the density-dependence of pairing interaction on the properties of the low-lying quadrupole state. The SLy5 Skyrme interaction with surface, mixed, and volume pairings is employed in the calculations, respectively.

We find that the excitation energies and the corresponding reduced electric transition probabilities of the first 2⁺ state are different, given by the three pairing interactions. The properties of the quasiparticle state, two-quasiparticle excitation energy, reduced transition amplitude, and transition densities in ¹¹²Sn are analyzed in detail. Two different mechanisms, the static and dynamical effects, of the pairing correlation are also discussed. The results show that the surface, mixed, and volume pairings indeed affect the properties of the first 2⁺ state in the Sn isotopes.
Effect of pairing correlation on low-lying quadrupole states in Sn isotopes_1
Effect of pairing correlation on low-lying quadrupole states in Sn isotopes_2
Effect of pairing correlation on low-lying quadrupole states in Sn isotopes_3
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