(Peer-Reviewed) Green Light-Triggered Intraocular Drug Release for Intravenous Chemotherapy of Retinoblastoma
Kaiqi Long 龙凯麒 ¹, Yang Yang 杨洋 ², Wen Lv 吕雯 ¹, Kuan Jiang 江宽 ², Yafei Li 李亚霏 ¹, Amy Cheuk Yin Lo 劳卓妍 ³, Wai Ching Lam 林伟青 ³, Changyou Zhan 占昌友 ², Weiping Wang 汪卫平 ¹
¹ State Key Laboratory of Pharmaceutical Biotechnology, Dr. Li Dak-Sum Research Centre, Department of Pharmacology and Pharmacy, Li Ka Shing Faculty of Medicine, The University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong SAR China
中国 香港 香港大学李嘉诚医学院药理及药剂学系 李达三博士研究中心 生物医药技术国家重点实验室
² Department of Pharmacology, School of Basic Medical Sciences, Center of Medical Research and Innovation, Shanghai Pudong Hospital, State Key Laboratory of Molecular Engineering of Polymers, Fudan University, Shanghai, China
中国 上海 复旦大学基础医学院药理学系 上海浦东医院医学研究与创新中心 复旦大学高分子科学系聚合物分子工程国家重点实验室
³ Department of Ophthalmology, Li Ka Shing Faculty of Medicine, The University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong SAR China
中国 香港 香港大学李嘉诚医学院眼科学系
Advanced Science, 2021-08-27

Retinoblastoma is one of the most severe ocular diseases, of which current chemotherapy is limited to the repetitive intravitreal injections of chemotherapeutics. Systemic drug administration is a less invasive route; however, it is also less efficient for ocular drug delivery because of the existence of blood-retinal barrier and systemic side effects.

Here, a photoresponsive drug release system is reported, which is self-assembled from photocleavable trigonal small molecules, to achieve light-triggered intraocular drug accumulation. After intravenous injection of drug-loaded nanocarriers, green light can trigger the disassembly of the nanocarriers in retinal blood vessels, which leads to intraocular drug release and accumulation to suppress retinoblastoma growth. This proof-of-concept study would advance the development of light-triggered drug release systems for the intravenous treatment of eye diseases.
Green Light-Triggered Intraocular Drug Release for Intravenous Chemotherapy of Retinoblastoma_1
Green Light-Triggered Intraocular Drug Release for Intravenous Chemotherapy of Retinoblastoma_2
Green Light-Triggered Intraocular Drug Release for Intravenous Chemotherapy of Retinoblastoma_3
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