(Peer-Reviewed) Terahertz metasurface zone plates with arbitrary polarizations to a fixed polarization conversion
Zhen Yue 岳震 ¹, Jitao Li 李继涛 ¹, Jie Li 李杰 ¹, Chenglong Zheng 郑程龙 ¹, Jingyu Liu ², Guocui Wang 汪国崔 ² ³, Hang Xu 徐航 ¹, Mingyang Chen 陈明阳 ⁴, Yating Zhang 张雅婷 ¹, Yan Zhang 张岩 ², Jianquan Yao 姚建铨 ¹
¹ Key Laboratory of Opto-Electronics Information Technology (Tianjin University), Ministry of Education, School of Precision Instruments and Opto-Electronics Engineering, Tianjin University, Tianjin 300072, China
中国 天津 天津大学精密仪器与光电子工程学院 天津大学光电信息技术教育部重点实验室
² Beijing Key Laboratory for Metamaterials and Devices, Department of Physics, Capital Normal University, Beijing 100048, China
中国 北京 首都师范大学物理系 超材料与器件北京市重点实验室
³ Beijing Engineering Research Center for Mixed Reality and Advanced Display, School of Optics and Photonics, Beijing Institute of Technology, Beijing 100081, China
中国 北京 北京理工大学光电学院 北京市混合现实与新型显示工程技术研究中心
⁴ Department of Optoelectronic Information Science and Engineering, Jiangsu University, Zhenjiang 212013, China
中国 镇江 江苏大学光电信息科学与工程系
Opto-Electronic Science, 2022-03-18

Metasurfaces that can realize the polarization manipulation of electromagnetic waves on the sub-wavelength scale have become an emerging research field. Here, a novel strategy of combining the metasurface and Fresnel zone plate to form a metasurface zone plate is proposed to realize the conversion from nearly arbitrary polarizations to a fixed polarization.

Specifically, when one polarized wave is incident on adjacent ring zones constructed by different types of meta-atoms, the transmitted waves generated by odd-numbered and even-numbered ring zones converge at the same focus and superimpose to generate a fixed polarized wave. As function demonstrations, we have designed two types of metasurface zone plates: one is a focused linear polarizer, and the other can convert nearly arbitrary polarized waves into focused circularly polarized waves. The simulated and measured results are consistent with theoretical expectations, suggesting that the proposed concept is flexible and feasible.

Our work provides an alternative platform for polarization manipulation and may vigorously promote the development of polarization photonic devices.
Terahertz metasurface zone plates with arbitrary polarizations to a fixed polarization conversion_1
Terahertz metasurface zone plates with arbitrary polarizations to a fixed polarization conversion_2
Terahertz metasurface zone plates with arbitrary polarizations to a fixed polarization conversion_3
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