(Peer-Reviewed) Ultrahigh-resolution on-chip spectrometer with silicon photonic resonators
Long Zhang 张龙 ¹, Ming Zhang 张明 ¹ ², Tangnan Chen 陈汤楠 ¹, Dajian Liu 刘大建 ¹, Shihan Hong 洪仕瀚 ¹, Daoxin Dai 戴道锌 ¹ ²
¹ State Key Laboratory for Modern Optical Instrumentation, Center for Optical & Electromagnetic Research, College of Optical Science and Engineering, International Research Center for Advanced Photonics, Zhejiang University, Zijingang Campus, Hangzhou 310058, China
浙江 杭州 浙江大学紫金港校区 光电科学与工程学院 先进光子学国际研究中心 现代光学仪器国家重点实验室
² Ningbo Research Institute, Zhejiang University, Ningbo 315100, China
浙江 宁波 浙江大学宁波研究院
Opto-Electronic Advances, 2022-07-25

A compact spectrometer on silicon is proposed and demonstrated with an ultrahigh resolution. It consists of a thermally-tunable ultra-high-Q resonator aiming at ultrahigh resolution and an array of wideband resonators for achieving a broadened working window.

The present on-chip spectrometer has a footprint as compact as 0.35 mm2, and is realized with standard multi-project-wafer foundry processes. The measurement results show that the on-chip spectrometer has an ultra-high resolution ∆λ of 5 pm and a wide working window of 10 nm. The dynamic range defined as the ratio of the working window and the wavelength resolution is as large as 1940, which is the largest for on-chip dispersive spectrometers to the best of our knowledge.

The present high-performance on-chip spectrometer has great potential for high-resolution spectrum measurement in the applications of gas sensing, food monitoring, health analysis, etc.
Ultrahigh-resolution on-chip spectrometer with silicon photonic resonators_1
Ultrahigh-resolution on-chip spectrometer with silicon photonic resonators_2
Ultrahigh-resolution on-chip spectrometer with silicon photonic resonators_3
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