(Preprint) A Non-Stationary Channel Model with Correlated NLoS/LoS States for ELAA-mMIMO
Jiuyu Liu ¹, Yi Ma ¹, Jinfei Wang ¹, Na Yi ¹, Songyan Xue ², Rahim Tafazolli ¹, Fan Wang ²
¹ 5GIC and 6GIC, Institute for Communication Systems, University of Surrey, Guildford, UK, GU2 7XH
² Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd.
arXiv, 2021-08-18

In this paper, a novel spatially non-stationary channel model is proposed for link-level computer simulations of massive multiple-input multiple-output (mMIMO) with extremely large aperture array (ELAA). The proposed channel model allows a mix of non-line-of-sight (NLoS) and LoS links between a user and service antennas. The NLoS/LoS state of each link is characterized by a binary random variable, which obeys a correlated Bernoulli distribution.

The correlation is described in the form of an exponentially decaying window. In addition, the proposed model incorporates shadowing effects which are non-identical for NLoS and LoS states. It is demonstrated, through computer emulation, that the proposed model can capture almost all spatially non-stationary fading behaviors of the ELAA-mMIMO channel. Moreover, it has a low implementational complexity. With the proposed channel model, Monte-Carlo simulations are carried out to evaluate the channel capacity of ELAA-mMIMO. It is shown that the ELAA-mMIMO channel capacity has considerably different stochastic characteristics from the conventional mMIMO due to the presence of channel spatial non-stationarity.
A Non-Stationary Channel Model with Correlated NLoS/LoS States for ELAA-mMIMO_1
A Non-Stationary Channel Model with Correlated NLoS/LoS States for ELAA-mMIMO_2
A Non-Stationary Channel Model with Correlated NLoS/LoS States for ELAA-mMIMO_3
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